TQM (Total Quality Management)

TQM (Total Quality Management)

OMCS continually strives to achieve the full satisfaction of its customers itself as primary objectives:

  • continuous improvement of its Quality Management System
  • EFFICIENCY improvement and effectiveness of its processes
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention
  • safeguarding health and safety of workers

During the manufacturing process we are systematically executed the controls provided by the cycle by using three-dimensional measuring machines and traditional tools that are maintained over time by means of suitable calibration performed at intervals determined by the Management System for Quality.
Outcomes and realized values are recorded on a special form of the mold FINAL RESOLUTION.
For each mold made by OMCS and delivered to the customer assures traceability. All the documentation relating to the product mold:

  • Certified raw material
  • Process controls
  • Certified Quality heat treatment Compliance

It is delivered to the customer and, in copy, stored in OMCS.

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